Bellatrix …

A little bit about me…

I am an intuitive Tarot and other cards reader. I have learnt Tarot and how to work with energy in Moscow. I was born in Russia. I grew up in time and environment where feeling the energy or working with energy was considered not serious or even bad, that’s why I did not accept that spiritual side of me for many years. Being double Scorpio (Sun and Rising) the whole my life I could and can feel, feel deep and understand quite deep feelings and emotions. Several years ago when I was completely broken in my life in love, in finances, in work, I finally had to admit that I have a gift and trusted it, trusted myself, loved myself the way I am. Thanks to that I started helping people as I helped myself to move on to find happiness within me.

I love listening and helping people, giving guidance and showing their strength and ability to overcome the obstacle and to love, to achieve what they want and be happy. I could do that so you can do that too and I can show you how.

When I work I feel energies of people and get images explaining a lot, speaking the language of the Universe full of love and abundance.

I love inspiring people and show their unique paths, their unique beauties.

I read for love, relationships and business; offer guided deep analysis and meditation, guiding in life situations; give channelled insights and advice, services here.

I am happy to meet you, thank you.

With love.

“Only Love towards your inner self shall attract the Love into your whole world”…

My philosophy

“A loving heart is the truest wisdom”. Charles Dickens

Be the way you are…

Enjoy your life and be happy. Follow your heart, be kind and respect yourself and others.

Be caring and true.

Trust yourself and believe in yourself as you are Unique.