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Tarot readings , astrology and life coaching

Tarot Online course

88.88 $
If you want to learn tarot – you are more than welcome to my Tarot online course that will open an amazing world to you

Solar Return – astrology +tarot

Your Solar return analisys and a guidance for your coming year from the Tarot cards

Life coaching/stress management/ empowerment coaching session

50-60 minutes session online through skype or zoom

1 question Tarot reading

60 $

Tarot and oracle video recorded private reading.
2-3 questions Tarot reading

80 $

Tarot and oracle video recorded private reading. (40 minutes)
4-5 questions reading or Twinflame/Soulmate reading in depth

127 $

Tarot and oracle recorded private reading/live session is possible (60 minutes)  

We provide tarot and oracle cards readings to guide you in any difficult situation!

Book a private reading or a life coaching session to find the answers on your questions.


We provide different services!

Tarot and oracle readings, lessons, life coaching sessions……

Tarot Marathon

        88.88$ per 11 video lessons + if you need a practice – let me know and we will do private a private session with me

If you are the very beginer and don’t know how to start to read Tarot cards, then you are knocking on the right door! I am happy to provide you with simple Tarot lessons, which make you understand how to work with Tarot and Oracle cards for yourself or for your clients. If you are experienced Tarot reader but you need to have more information about cards, meditate and dig deeper into this mystical world of Tarot, then I am ready to help with that too.

Free Tarot Videos

Do you want to know what the Universe has in store for you next New Moon or Full Moon, next month? Then visit my YOUTUBE Channel and enjoy my Free videos for you!

“the Earth Meditation”

If you want to have more money, to feel stabily and saftly in your life then you need to be connected with the Earth Element.


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what the clients say:

Yana’s video was AMAZING!! I’ve had several (different) types of readings through various channels and this one seemed to be the most accurate. With just a bit of background, she gave me thorough answers to my two questions and completely got my situation, well beyond what I had told her.


My reading with Yana is one of the best readings I’ve had in my life. She covered thoroughly and in great detail and depth all of my questions, and gave me the clarity, relief and confidence to actually act on my dreams. I do recommend, I do recommend!!


Yana’s reading was one of the best readings I have ever had. I believe Yana was able to connect to my energy in a way not many have.

a few words about me

About me

Do you want to know more about me?



I am happy to welcome you here and would love to get know each other. My name is Yana and thank you for your time visiting my website. I am an intuitive and learnt tarot reader and teach how to read and work with tarot cards too. I love it. I love helping and supporting people to find their answers, to guide in a difficult life situation. Tarot is a very powerful tool that guides me through energies to feel your magic. Reading Tarot for me is like reading very interesting books about people’s lives and their souls too. I believe that you are creating your life the way you want and only you who is responsible for your choices… The main idea is to have them true..



Please read My Policy before booking a private reading with me.

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