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A little bit about me…

Welcome to Bellatrix!

My name is Yana, a.k.a. Bellatrix.

I am an energy reader through cards (Tarot, Lenormand, Oracles…) and a life/business coach.

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“Only Love towards your inner self shall attract the Love into your whole world”…

What I can do for you

Love and Romance Astrology reading

 97 $ 

A detailed look at Your style of love and romance as well as ideal partners.

Video recorded or written PDF.

Within 7 working days.

1-2 quick questions Tarot reading

27 $ 

Only 1 or 2 quick questions reading. Short answers. When you need to know ASAP the answer.

Video recorded.

Within 2 working days.

2-5 questions Tarot/Oracle reading

67 $

Any situations in your life.

Detailed analyse of your situation. Detailed answer your questions.

Video recorded.

Within 5-7 working days.

Weekly Tarot Reading for Zodiac Signs

4 $  –  Weekly Tarot reading for 1 Zodiac sign.

6 $ – Weekly Tarot reading for 2 Zodiac signs.

8 $ – Weekly Tarot reading for 3 Zodiac signs.

Weekly Tarot predictions for the week starts from SUNDAY!

Please mention which Sign you would like to watch in your email to me.

You will get a link to watch the Video.

Relationship Tarot reading

67 $

If he/she loves you, what they have in their heart, mind, what is the potential.

If you are in a love triangle. What to do and how to deal with issues (cheating, betrayal, pain, broken heart).

How to be happy in love? What is blocking you from being happy? Guidance.

In depth Video or Audio recorded.

Within 5-7 working days.

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Read the Policy about booking the consultation with me. Be aware that booking a reading with me you have accepted the conditions of my Policy.

If you want an urgent readings – within 48 hours – double the price and mention in the email «URGENT»

With Love.

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