Visa Services at Bellatrix Star Immigration (BSI)

Welcome to Bellatrix Star Immigration, your trusted partner in visa services. Our comprehensive visa assistance is designed to simplify the complex processes of immigration, ensuring a smooth and successful journey for individuals, families, and professionals alike.

Study Visas

Pursue your academic dreams with BSI’s study visa services. We specialize in facilitating study visas for top destinations like Canada, Australia, the UK, and more.

Dependent Visas

Reunite with your loved ones through our family and dependent visa services. BSI facilitates the visa processes to ensure a smooth transition for families.

Tourist Visas

Explore the world hassle-free with Bellatrix Star Immigration tourist visa services. We simplify the application process and ensure making your travel dreams a reality.

Visa Application Process



Begin with a personalized consultation to assess your eligibility and discuss the best visa options for your needs.

Documentation Assistance

Receive comprehensive support in preparing and organizing the required documents for a successful visa application.

Application Submission

Benefit from our efficient application submission process, ensuring accuracy and compliance with visa requirements.

Follow-Up and Updates

BSI keeps you informed with regular updates on the progress of your visa application, providing peace of mind throughout the process.

Ready to Begin Your Educational Journey?

At BSI, we’re dedicated to realizing your academic dreams, whether it’s studying in Canada, Australia, the UK, or beyond. Let our team guide you on this transformative journey. Start your future with us today!